This resin, 28mm heroically-scaled kit, allows you to build one Steampunk Gun Carriage, it is supplied unassembled, and unpainted.

The set includes the following components:

• 2x Colonial Empire Gun Carriage Wheels

• 1x Colonial Empire Gun Carriage

• 1x Colonial Empire Gun Carriage Shield


You may also add A SINGLE Weapon or Equipment option from the list of those currently available, these may require assembly and contain multiple components.


Made of Polyurethane resin. We recommend you wash all components in warm soapy water to remove any remaining mould release agent. Resin components may require preparation, resin dust can be harmful to your health, ensure you wear a good quality dust mask when working with resin. This product is not suitable for children; it may include small and sharp components.

• Kit designed by Kit Burrows, and funded jointly through Kickstarter by Curious Contructs & Zinge Industries.


Please note that if we currently hold no stock in store, we recommend you contact us before placing an order to determine when it will next be in stock. The production process can take some time, though it will typically not be more then 30 days. Once an order has been placed we will keep you updated of the production process, and will happily provide a full refund on the unavailable product/s if requested.

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