As part of Legionary 2017 Kirton Games will be running a 3 round, Blood Bowl Tournament!

Venue: Legionary 2017  ( - This year taking place at Matford Center, Exeter, EX2 8ED. 


Coaches will have 1,150,000 gold coins to recruit their team as this allows you to have a more varied team. Star Players are allowed but they must be represented by a suitable miniature. Coaches can purchase any of the following Inducements.

0-2 Budweiser babes

0-1 Extra team training

0-2 Bribes

0-1 Halfling Master Chef (Halfling teams only)

0-2 Star Players

Each coach starts with a Fan Factor of 5 (You can not buy any additional Fan Factor)

Before the tournament, you can assign 5 of your players with an additional skill from their Normal Skills list. Please mark these on your roster before the start of the tournament. No stat increases or double rolls. These skills will stick with the players for the duration of the tournament, so choose wisely. You can have up to 2 of the same skill (excluding ones that are already a starting stat).

We will be using the rules from the new Blood Bowl boxset and the Death Zone supplement book, but where there are currently no new rules for teams then we will use the ones from the Teams of Legend document found on the official Blood Bowl website. (Sorry guys but this excludes Slann and Britonian teams!)

Coaches will have 2 hours 10 minutes to play each game.

Teams are reset after each match so all casualties, injuries and Star Player points are wiped clean and do not carry over.

The weather is always perfect for Blood Bowl in Devon so you don’t need to roll for weather before each match. If you should role a change of weather result on the Kick Off table, then the weather will change. You can decide to use the normal weather table or the Winter League weather table (The coach who rolled for Kick Off gets to decide).


At the start of each match Coaches draw three special play cards from either the Random Events, Miscellaneous Mayhem, Magical Memorabilia & Heroic Feats decks (or a combination of these decks) and pick 2 to keep.  These can be played during your match.  Coaches will need to bring their own decks of these cards with them. 


Coaches will be able to argue calls as per the rules in Deathzone. You don’t need to have a miniature to represent you but we would encourage it.


For simplicity, we will not be using the additional referee and ball rules found in White Dwarf during this tournament.


Illegal procedures and timed turns will not be enforced as we want this to be a fun and friendly tournament however each pitch will have a 3-minute egg timer next to it.  If you feel your opponent is taking too long to take their turn, then you can use the sands of time egg timer to speed things up.  You must let your opponent know that you are going to use it and they cannot override you. Once the timer has run out it is a turnover. Remember they can use the timer against you to, so don’t get too trigger happy with it, it should only be used as a last resort! 


We will be playing Swiss Draw tournament. Tournament points will be rewarded as follows:

• 10 points for a Win

• 5 points for a Draw

• 0 points for a loss

Coaches must record touchdowns and causalities (as these will count) only casualties that would generate Star player points must be recorded.

What you need to bring:

- Your Blood Bowl team.

- Two printed copies of your roster.

- The Blood Bowl rulebook, plus any relevant supplements/expansions and FAQ's.

- Your Blood Bowl pitch.


A variety of certificates will be handed out at the end of the event, in addition, the eventual winner will be immortalised on the inaugural Exeter Legionary Blood Bowl Trophy!


Registration begins 9:30
Game One 9:50 - 12:00
Lunch 12:00 - 12:30
Game Two 12:30 - 14:40
Game Three 14:45 - 16:55

Award Presentation 17:00
Price include entry to the show, normally £4.00, all profits from this event go towards supporting Legionary 2017.

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